"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Carlene Armetta and her team on a number of strategic projects and growth oriented proposals. Carlene is a strong leader and collaborator, able to bring diverse groups of people together, fire up the creative process, and use all of the groups’ individual expertise to create innovative solutions that bring the desired results. Carlene is a brilliant “Futurist”, with the uncanny ability to think forward and create the right strategic plans and actions to take any company she works with to the next step in their evolution and growth. Carlene’s enthusiasm and “positivity” are infectious, she’s a great listener, team builder, and she’s a lot of fun to work with!”    Howard L.


Creativity is essential for both the design and strategy aspects of Marketing Strategists.  We are committed to developing customer-centric, value-based programs . 

Che Marketing Strategist Group arlene Armetta in Stamford

Marketing Strategists analyze data to figure out the best way to promote a product or obtain customers.  We drive efficiency and ROI of marketing programs.

We strive to help businesses develop a solid business marketing foundation and marketing strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve marketing planning, execution, monitoring, measuring and results.

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About what our consultants deliver

We build business.  We establish and manage new customer marketing campaigns, manage customer lifecycles and build databases to drive Business and ROI.

The Marketing Strategist Group

“I worked with Carlene Armetta  and her team in many Marketing capacities. She is with no doubt, a high integrity senior leader with a great deal of energy. Carlene is highly effective driving cross functional teams to high levels of success. Some of the areas that I observed these admirable dimensions were around B2B demand generation activities including partnership, direct response and acquisition marketing which generated new sales, leads and pipeline beyond BU targets.”    Steve B.

we develop the big ideas to solve your issues.  We  create completely new businesses that are not simple line extensions and will always make something happen.

“Carlene Armetta is a result's oriented marketing leader, who understands customers and knows how to grow businesses. Her many years as a successful senior business practitioner are evident in the way she approaches problems and achieves outcomes. She is an enthusiastic, passionate and innovative individual and is a pleasure to work with. Although she has many skills, there is something unique about her 'pay-it-forward' passion in helping professionals to strategically leverage their full potential. Carlene is very proactive reaching out to others as a mentor, a colleague and a friend. Our organization and its customers have benefited greatly from Carlene's involvement.”   Jonathan Y.



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