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The Marketing Strategist Group

Lead Generation Programs

Best Practices

1.  Build the right team, bring diverse groups together and leverage individual strengths.

2.  Ensure that all messaging and communications strategies are unified across all channels and are centered around the customer.

3.  Develop marketing strategies and creative campaigns that weave together multiple marketing disciplines (traditional marketing, paid advertising, public relations, promotion, owned assets, and social media, etc) that are select and then executed to suit the particular goals of the brand.

4.  Deliver a customer driven experience enabled by technology and automated tools.

5. Establish a lead nurturing program to manage your pipeline.  Develop pathways to conversion.

6.  Leverage data to drive actionable insights.  Optimize.

We build and execute integrated, data-driven lead generation programs and marketing campaigns that will fuel your growth.

Every marketing decision is both an opportunity and a risk on which a product’s success or failure can hinge. Integrated marketing is an approach based on the consistent and systematic strategic creation and delivery of marketing messages and materials.  Integrated marketing management, underpinned by Big Data, is the approach that The Marketing Strategist Group leverages.  We help to increase ROI through an efficient multi-channel strategy, and deliver a more effective way to measure campaign return.

By establishing consistency between different media and distribution points, particularly over the course of a period of time, brands can enjoy greater sustainability and coverage. The expenditure of dollars or resources for integrated campaigns works in a resonant way, benefiting from the messages that came before and continuing to provide momentum and strength for the messages that come thereafter.

At the core of our Customer Acquisition services are:   Integrated multi-channel marketing strategies, comprehensive customer acquisition solutions and using content management strategies to boost your visibility and sales. Our experience spans B2B, B2C, D2C and B2B2C lead generation programs.

We are happy to help you create customer acquisition and lead generation programs to drive sustainable growth.
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