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Best Practices

The most successful growth companies adopt at least four best practices. 

1.  Innovate.  Always. 

The time to innovate—the innovation window—is when the first growth curve hits an inflection point. How do you know when you’re hitting the inflection point? You never know. So the best companies are forever paranoid and make innovation a continuous process.

2.  Love thy customers.

Successful growth companies have a deep understanding of their customers’ problems. Many are embracing tools and uncovering new opportunities to create value. This customer insight is the foundation for growth. 

3.  Think like a designer.

Design thinking requires a different set of tools. Growth company strategists search for uncontested market space and make competition irrelevant using Blue Ocean Strategies.

4.  Lead the way.

Senior management must make innovation a priority or it won’t happen. Innovation requires a level of risk-taking and failure that’s impossible without executive air cover. The best growth companies create a culture of innovation and, more important have innovative leaders as role models.

At the core of our Growth Strategy services is:   our proven track record to help companies differentiate its products and services, grow revenue, and build a customer-centric culture of innovation.  We are committed to growth that will ensure a continuous flow of market insights into your business.

We are happy to help your organization create an innovative culture, and to develop growth strategies to drive sustainable growth. 

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